How to access the Family Tree videos - FREE for subscribers


24 April 2020
Did you know that subscribers to the print and digital issue of Family Tree can access our growing collection of online video tutorials as part of their subscription at no extra cost

The online video library covers topics such as free websites, DNA, search smarter tips and so many more enjoyable and educational family history topics. We will continue to grow the collection in the future, so there'll always be more to look forward to and learn from. 

If you subscribe to Family Tree would like to view the videos in the Family Tree online video collection, which you can find at, please follow the instructions below.


As a digital subscriber you need to email [email protected]

Stating that you are a digital subscriber and attaching your digital subscription receipt from

They’ll check their database and allocate you a subscriber number.

You’ll use this to log in on our website


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Specifically, go to

Use your subscriber number as your account number – see bottom right hand corner of this window.

You can find your subscriber number on the envelope the next time your magazine arrives in the post. Alternatively email [email protected] with your first line of your address and your postcode and they will be able to email you your subscriber number.

How to subscribe to Family Tree

If you'd like to subscribe to Family Tree, just click here


Some of the Family Tree online video tutorials are freely available to all, and others can be rent or bought by those who don't wish to subscribe to Family Tree. 


Image: Jeremy Yap/Unsplash

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