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04 May 2020
Once you get the family history bug, it’s like no other bug, and you definitely do want to share it! Find out about the Tribal Quest project to preserve the histories of tribal peoples and the web award it's recently been nominated for

We’re delighted to see leading family history brand MyHeritage’s Tribal Quest project has been included in the 24th Annual Webby Awards – in which ‘the people’s voice’ (that’s you!) decides the best of the Internet. To cast your vote, and help to celebrate genealogy go to

Tribal Quest is the pro bono project by MyHeritage that aims to preserve the family histories of tribal peoples, and it’s been nominated in the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ section of the Webby Awards.

While you’re stuck at home, the awesome Tribal Quest website is sure to open your mind - with pictures, videos and stories from places as farflung around the globe as the Nenets nomadic peoples of the Tundra or the Himba of Northern Namibia.

‘People, as we’ve discovered, over and over again, throughout this project, are all about their families’: says Golan, Tribal Quest project leader. ‘It is truly inspiring to see a Nenets family secluded in the heart of the Tundra, facing nature’s strongest elements completely on their own.’

To find out more about Tribal Quest visit

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That link again to vote? Just go to


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