Celebrate VE Day with the Family Tree podcast


07 May 2020
Celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day with this special episode of the Family Tree podcast, featuring a rousing speech from Winston Churchill impersonator Derek Herbert.

The Second World War is remains such an important and hugely evocative era of history, and family history too. Tune in to the Family Tree podcast for a glimpse of war-time memories and VE Day celebrations, including a chat with Winston Churchill impersonator Derek Herbert, who also gives us a rousing VE Day speech.

Plus learn about the resources we have in the June issue of Family Tree that will help you both discover how to research, and how to record your family stories: see how you too can make audio recordings of your loved ones life stories. Discover more about your ancestors Second World War in the June issue of Family Tree on sale now.

Derek Herbert has made a number of TV appearances as Winston Churchill including BBC dramas Hustle and Close to the Enemy as well as other appearances as Churchill on TV, radio and in theatre. Find out more about the film Lawrence: After Arabia in which Derek Herbert plays Winston Churchill at: www.lawrencethemovie.com

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Image: Tuck's DB postcards