An easy way to restore your family photos


23 December 2020
Rick Voight has a lifetime of experience in photography. His Vivid-Pix Restore software can help you cherish your own pictures too
Many of us have boxes and albums of family photos that we treasure, but it is a worry how faded and discoloured some of these precious family pictures get over time. Learn how Vivid-Pix can help ensure that you can turn back time and enjoy your pictures as they once were...

Get in the picture!

We chat to Rick Voight from Vivid-Pix about his image editing software (that requires no previous experience to use!).

Family Tree: As someone passionate about photography how do you recommend we go about preserving our family images for future generations?

Rick Voight: Yes, most of us have boxes filled with photos, documents and memento’s from our own lives and similar items that have been handed down to us.

Getting started is the first step and my best advice is “don’t stress over getting it done” – you did not accumulate these cherished memories overnight so don’t think you need to complete it overnight. But, starting with a plan is the first step:

1. Inventory and Organize: for instance, we have photos everywhere: in photo albums, in frames, in boxes, and of course on hard drives – whether scanned, photographed, or downloaded.

2. Scan / Digitize: these photos continue to degrade/fade. Scanning them allows you to do more.

3. Improve / Add Metadata (digitally “writing on the back of the photo”)

Family Tree: Once we’ve scanned in our family photos, how can Vivid-Pix help us restore these images to their former glory?

Rick Voight: What Vivid-Pix has done is to create fast, easy and affordable software so that ANYONE can improve their images.

Our patented image science automatically correct colour, contrast, lightness and sharpness – with just 1 click.

We’ve created easy to use controls to fine-tune, but this is often not necessary.

Family Tree: Which of the Vivid-Pix tools do people find most useful?

Rick Voight: This can be broken up into 3 areas:

1. All of us have these wonderful colour photos from the 60’s/70’s/80’s pictures that have turned red (photos) and usually blue from Ektachrome slides – we fix these so that you can relive the moment.

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2. Often we have black and white and sepia toned images that have faded as well – we fix these as well.

3. And lastly, we have old, faded records and documents that have faded or that we’ve pulled down from genealogy research – we fix these as well.

Family Tree: A lot of us have a lot of old photos – are there ways in which Vivid-Pix speeds up the process of restoring the digital images of our originals?

Rick Voight: Yes, this is at the core of what we do. People want to relive the memories and share stories. With our 1-click image improvement, RESTORE is FAST!

Family Tree: What have your customers told you that they most enjoy about using Vivid-Pix?

Rick Voight: Our ease of use and that the software works as described. It really is simple to start using and keep using.

Family Tree: And you? What do you most love about Vivid-Pix?

Rick Voight: I’ve been in the photo business my entire career and my business partners have as well. We love how we’re able to help folks re-connect with their memories and also get to know others within their family (and friends) as well. These improved images bring back the stories, so that folks can reminisce.

Family Tree: Is it possible to try Vivid-Pix for free?

Rick Voight: Yes, we have a 10 free fix trial. There’s no credit card required, so folks can simply download, try it for free, and hopefully love it and of course purchase. Vivid-Pix is PC and Mac compatible. When they purchase folks are able to install it on 2 computers, with free updates, for one low price.

Family Tree: How much does it cost to buy Vivid-Pix?

Rick Voight: $49.99 (that's about £37.25 currently). And at the moment there is a buy-one-give-one for a friend free offer. 

If you'd been meaning to sort out your family photos why not make this your family history project and create and curate a collection of family history photos and memories that can be enjoyed for many many years to come.

To buy Vivid-Pix Restore software, click here:

To take advantage of the buy-one-give-one offer (valid til 31 December 2020), click here:

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