10 things you need to bring when you visit an archive


05 June 2020
Visiting an archive to explore your family tree? Check out Simon Wills' checklist before you go...

1. Your basic research plan for the day

List reference numbers and dates of documents, and note what you hope they reveal

2. A back-up plan for other things you could research

Sometimes your chosen documents don't tell you what you want or they aren't available

3. Digital camera or mobile phone with a camera function

Take photos of documents in case you don't write down things that later prove important

4. Pencil and notepaper and/or laptop

Keep a record of what you've discovered and which records you've viewed

5. Your admission card, or proof of identify

The archive's website will tell you what you need

6. Copy of your family tree

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You may not be able to remember everything about your ancestors on the day

7. Money

Take change for car parks, and a payment card in case there's a must-have book at the archive

8. A map/address

It's easy to get lost if you're going somewhere new

9. Snacks and a water bottle

You don't be able to eat in the archive but you will need sustenance

10. Charging cable, spare battery and memory chip

Don't less loss of power spoil your day

Extracted from Simon Wills' article in the July issue of Family Tree magazine.