It’s time to celebrate our mothers!


05 February 2019
Mothers are known to be the strongest people alive, and quite rightly too! Even before we are born, our mothers are expected to do everything in their power to protect us (even when we are the size of an apple seed!) So, it only seems right that we have a day dedicated to thanking them for all they have done for us.


Mothers are known to be the strongest people alive, and quite rightly too! Even before we are born, our mothers are expected to do everything in their power to protect us (even when we are the size of an apple seed!)

So, it only seems right that we have a day dedicated to thanking them for all they have done for us.

However, there is a slight problem with this day… What do we buy them?!

It’s only just been Christmas, and their birthday hits us in what seem like seconds, so naturally we run out of ideas.

Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of small meaningful gifts, all family historians will love.



1 – Add a burst of colour

Let’s start off with a slight stereotype, ‘women love all things pretty.’ What most of us forget, is that this isn’t just in terms of a beautiful piece of jewellery which costs more than your rent. All things can be made pretty, even research notes. Mum could have the most beautiful cursive handwriting, but slowly her notes will begin to look like the enigma code, and it’s inevitable that even she will struggle to understand her own workings out at some point.

The solution? Coloured pens. This might sound silly, but if she can colour code her research, it will be so much easier to read and understand. Plus, if mum looks at a page of beautiful colours, rather than black scribbles, you can guarantee she will be inspired to keep going!


2 – Get crafty

Something we are all a little guilty of, is only focusing on one aspect. Yet if you were to choose a chocolate bar (another great Mother’s Day gift, see number 5) you choose based on the brand, then choose the filling and then… choose a different one altogether! Now let’s put this into practice with mum.

Mum loves genealogy, she also loves to craft, and is very sentimental. We could buy her a family tree to fill in, a sewing set, or we could combine the two! What better gift than a cross-stitch family tree? Not only will she have a beautiful piece of art for the home, but also it will be personal and show off her genealogy skills too.


3 – A gift to last a lifetime

Unless you have a specific aim, family history research is a never-ending hobby, and if we’re honest even when we reach our aim, we carry on a bit further. This means, it’s very likely your mum is a little bit addicted to it and will follow it through for years to come. This helps us when buying presents though, as we know she will still be in love with the topic no matter how early we buy the gift.

With this in mind a subscription to last her as long as she would like is perfect. Plus, for Mother's Day, we have a 20% off offer on her digital edition! 


4 – Photos aren’t that old-school

It’s not our fault, but we don’t print out our pictures anymore, we don’t need to. But, what about in another decade when we don’t have our smartphone and instead use some new device, all those pictures are gone forever! As a genealogist, your mum loves family memories, so why not make her a beautiful little scrapbook of pictures? Simply collect up some beautiful, silly and embarrassing pictures from the attic, your phone and your old computer, which had dial up internet, and get them printed. Why not try FreePrints? This app allows you to print 45 pictures for free every month! All you need to pay for is delivery and this is never more than £3.99 no matter how many pictures you print. So, let’s print out the memories we love so we can show our 3x great grandchildren.


5 – Nostalgia never tasted so good

One thing the nation loves to ask is ‘what is your favourite chocolate bar?’ Even a show was made specifically to countdown the UK’s favourite! The reason we love to talk about it is because it takes us back to that day in the newsagents when we would be told by our mum we could have ‘just one’ but it still felt like we were being given the world! Now let’s return the favour and buy a ‘sharing’ bar of her favourite sweet treat. Maybe add in some of those toffees we didn’t know we loved until we hit 20, (before then they were the boring choice!) and even a little bottle of her favourite tipple. Tie a bow around it, and you have created a little box of joy!


6 – A weekend in the capital

Who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend in London learning even more about your family? Family Tree Live is our brand-new show, dedicated to inspiring and helping genealogists of all ages. The chance to ask the biggest names in genealogy the questions you are dying to know the answers to. Over two days your mum will learn skills, listen to lectures and even get hands-on during workshops. All this and more for just £12 a day, and with our handy kids’ pack which is filled with activities, parenting duty will be that bit easier!


7 – Knowledge is power

Does your mum prefer to learn in a quiet and relaxed environment? Help her grow her knowledge with our array of family history courses. The Family Tree Academy allows you to choose how and what you would like to learn. Your mum will be able to;

- Learn in her own time

- Enhance her family history skills

- Discover more about the hobby she loves

Simply choose the course which best suits, and she can start learning in seconds!


8 – Be book-smart

Not all genealogical books are a list of facts and tips, some are biographical stories which a family historian has delved into! Why not buy your mum a book that really shows her what you can find out about your family, when you keep at it? Our magazine explores a range of books relating to genealogy every month and gives you a brief summary of what you can expect from them. One author who has not only been a part of our reviews, but has also been part of our subs club giveaway is Nathan Dylan Goodwin. Gift the first book in his Morton Farrier series to your mum, and show her a new and exciting side to family history books.

Oh and you can come meet him at Family Tree Live too!


9 – Box of tricks

When you think of a box of genealogy, naturally you assume you already need to be an expert to understand anything within it. Luckily, this box encompasses what all family historians need, whether they have 40 folders of research, or have just decided to give it a go today. From first steps, to further steps this box holds the secrets to a great genealogist. Take out your brand-new cup and pen, and maybe grab a cheeky biscuit, then focus on the more serious stuff, such as our handy guides and how-to booklet!


10 – How does she do it all?

Mum is a superhero, we all know that! Somehow, she is always there when you graze your knee, break-up with your first love and when you just want a chat, and she still manages to have the food ready on the table? Her feet must be killing her, so let’s give her a night of relaxation. What to put in a ‘spa in a box’;

- Candles, to give that flickering glow in the room

- Bath bombs, bubble bath and all the lovely smelling bath bits

- A Spotify playlist of her favourite music from back in the day

- Slippers, so she can keep running around after you (even if you’re over 40 and haven’t lived at home for 20 years)

- Pictures, for her to look through whilst listening to her childhood tunes (see number 4 for a great offer)


Turns out, the sky really is the limit when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, and she really will appreciate the thought no matter what. That’s the great thing about mums, they love you no matter what, just remember these last three crucial points-

  • Don’t forget the card
  • Even if you live a million miles away, give her a call, visit her and tell her you love her as much as possible
  • Remember a ‘mum’ isn’t necessarily your biological mother, maybe you were brought up by someone else, like a friend or a grandparent. Treat them too!

Now it’s time to start shopping and showing the love, click the links in the subtitles to see products similar to those mentioned in this article.