Gifts to make a family historian's Christmas!


18 October 2019
It really is that time again… Christmas is only a few short weeks away, and with so many branches on your tree it can be hard to choose the perfect present for each and every one.


When you ask what someone what they would like for the big day, most will respond ‘I don’t know.’ Take this as a challenge you are willing to accept, one in which you can prove how well you know your loved one.

To help you along the way, we have created a list of gifts, sure to make a genealogist's Christmas!


Bringing memories back to life


We all have a box, bag, or album of photos that has been passed down from our granny, and helps us to really see our family history.  Nowadays they are so faded or have bends or tears in them, that we can barely see them anymore. However, there is hope for these pocket-sized snapshots. It’s called ‘photo restoration,’ and doesn’t cost as much as you would think.

So, just imagine on Christmas morning, your great auntie Mary opens her beautifully wrapped present, to find an album of all her favourite, old photos, now pristine and looking as though they were taken only a few days ago.


Keeping up to date

When we are almost always looking to the past, we sometimes forget the importance of writing down future dates! So, make sure you don't miss that all important surprise birthday party, or that super exciting family history event, (make sure to read the gift idea, 'A friendly face') with our cute yet functional 2020 diary.

As well as keeping all your dates safe in one place, our diary includes a suggested website every week, to help you learn more about all aspects of genealogy. This diary also comes as part of our Family Tree Survival Kit, which includes many more family history goodies, and is free when you sign up for a subscription!


Clutter-free stocking filler 

Have you got the perfect gift, but want to add a little extra something, for them to enjoy too. Our family history essential guides, are the perfect stocking fillers for genealogy lovers! Choose from 6 different topics of genealogy, and get the digital guide, sent straight to their preferred device. Help your loved one improve their skills today with one (or a bundle) of our 99p guides. 


Driving home for Christmas

Being a genealogist isn’t just about creating a chart of dates and names, and sometimes we forget that. Everything they find out truly relates to them and their family members. Finding out where someone lives is so much more than just finding a house, it adds to your identity and where you come from.

With this in mind, why not find out which ancestors they have a particular interest in, and take them to their hometown. This will give a visual idea of the area an ancestor came from, and can really help with research.


Reliving your school days

Does your loved one have a brick wall they just can’t seem to break? Maybe there is a specific field of genealogy they have a real interest in. Whatever the subject matter, a lot of us have fond memories of our school days, and the vast amount we learnt during them. How better to relive the ‘best days of our lives,’ than studying the wonderful world of genealogy. Not only can you do this in the comfort of your own home, but with our expertly taught courses, you can go back and reread the materials, watch the presentations, and listen to genealogists' advice as much as you would like, all for as little as £7.99!

The topics range from researching adoption, to exploring The National Archives, so there really is something for every genealogist to enjoy. To find out more about our courses, or find the best one for your loved one, click here.


Making it official

Is your family member truly proud of their surname? I bet they could tell you where it came from in the world, and what it means off the top of their head. If so, they will hold their heritage as a trophy, and will really appreciate this gift. A surname crest print, is something which can be framed and hung in pride of place. Pop it above the mantelpiece and they can show everyone their ‘badge of honour.’ Plus, it’s a great talking point for them if a friend comes around!


Keeping things simple

As any budding genealogist will tell you, ‘organisation is key.’ There is nothing worse than having 100 different scraps of paper all over your desk, with no idea where you put that very important date. Therefore, we suggest a lovely organiser in which all information can be stored safely, and in an organised manner. Not only does this make research much easier, but also it helps decrease stress and make the experience much more enjoyable.

You can also make this feel more personal to them, and relate to their research, with a personalised cover. We suggest also sticking images from their family history to the front to inspire, and also remind them how well they have done with their researching.


A baker’s dozen of information

Here at Family Tree, our aim is to inspire and aid those who love family history. We cover the basics, for our newbies, and the more ‘expert’ topics for those who have been searching for their ancestors for years. The magazine includes, top tips, reader stories, free records and even competitions! There really is an article for everyone to enjoy. Help your loved ones discover new people and places, and even make connections with relatives, with our 4-weekly magazine. Subscribe by clicking here, and if you choose our Direct Debit option, they will also receive a free gift!

If the recipient is more of a technical whizz, why not take a look at our digital subscription, so they can read on the go, on their phone, tablet or computer. 


A gift for the both of you

This gift is one which will be passed on, and if you are related, we are sure you will both love it just as much as each other. We all plan to write a memoir, a way to preserve your thoughts and feelings, the memories you have, and everything you would like to pass on. So, why not give your genealogical-minded friend, the push they need?

All you need for this gift is a lovely notebook, and some simple instructions… On the first page write a note to explain that this book is for noting down everything they might want their descendants to know in years to come. But also ensure they include all the answers their research has brought to light. Where are their ancestors from, or what extraordinary jobs did they have? Maybe even add a family secret or two, which is only found out by the family, when the book is passed down!


Children are the future

We are aware family history is a hobby, sometimes close to obsession, which mainly appeals to adults and those who are realising the  importance of heritage with age. However, this hasn’t stopped us from creating a way to get the younger generations involved, and  maybe even work alongside you during your research. With family history puzzles, DNA info, and charts for them to fill in, this kit is a  great introduction to the world of genealogy, and also a lot of fun. Oh, and if it is completed there is a lovely certificate to pin up on  the wall. We have received great feedback from parents and grandparents, whose little ones, have drawn and coloured in their  families, asked for information on their ancestors, and even wanted to go further in their genealogy journey, with a little push from  our kit. Get yours today when you click here, and feel free to bring the children along to Family Tree Live, for free, to get involved in activities made for kids.


Discovering your genes

Genealogy has a trend of us researching via records and certificates, but this goes further than paper and digitised information. Recently, the rise of DNA testing has been in the news, and is almost impossible to miss, so what’s the fuss about? Well, DNA can’t be wrong because it really is the little parts of your ancestors which make you, you. DNA tests look at a variety of things, and each one can tell you something different. Some even tell you if your likely to get certain health problems, or if you’re likely to taste better than others. But, one thing they all have in common is that they will tell you where your ancestors have come from.

DNA can massively help anyone on the journey into genealogical discovery, and is a great and exciting gift for your loved one. To help you choose the best one for them, why not read our blog on which test suits which family historian here. Alternatively, purchase a Living DNA kit through our website.


A friendly face

When researching your heritage, and finding out where your family are truly from, you begin to feel a connection with certain places. To make this even more special, why not help your loved one to find people to share their stories with. The Family History Federation, has a vast number of societies nationwide, who meet up to discuss their findings, help with breaking those brick walls, and work together to find out more about their ancestry. Here in the UK we’re fortunate to have one of the best family history society scenes in the world, and we are excited to let you know, they are our partners for Family Tree Live!

With this in mind, there is no better place to find like-minded and enthusiastic genealogists to connect with, than at Alexandra Palace. A range of societies will be on hand to assist you in finding out more about your heritage, place of interest, and are more than happy to chat about your stories and findings. Buy your loved one a ticket to Family Tree Live and they can also enjoy lectures, workshops, one-to-one expert sessions, challenges and more. The perfect day out for family history fanatics.


We hope this has helped you on your quest to find the perfect gift for a genealogist's Christmas, or maybe inspired you to start searching for your ancestors. Either way it is now in your hands. What will you choose to wrap up with a big red bow, and leave under the tree to make them smile? Whatever it is you choose, we hope they love it and continue on their journey into discovery, and we hope you have a very merry Christmas, and a super 2020!