Free downloads to help you organise & display your family history


04 March 2019
download-97710.png Free downloadables to help you organise and display your family history research
Discover more about your ancestors and research, preserve and share your family story with these downloads.

Do you have a family history puzzle you can’t untangle? A brick wall you’ve long wished to smash through? A steadily growing pile of findings that is looking a little (or more than a little) disorganised? Our 10 family history projects in the April issue of Family Tree, will help you organise what you have found out, and help you see what you need to do next! 

This 'family history evidence board' and 'fun filing method' (see the below videos) are just two of the ten fun projects you can create at home. 

Evidence board artwork


For more fun charts, visit our 'Downloads' store for a range of useful resources starting from just 99p!