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18 August 2018
Untitled-22795.png DNA tests by Family Tree DNA
In this blog we answer a range of questions, from who to get started to the different types of DNA tests themselves.


Wondering where it all began? Take an mtDNA test, find your haplogroup and trace the genetic journey of your motherline over thousands of years.


In 2000, FamilyTreeDNA became the first company to deliver direct-to-consumer DNA testing for ancestry purposes. FamilyTreeDNA offers a full suite of ancestry tests including tests for Autosomal DNA, mtDNA, and Y-DNA allowing you to get a wider genetic picture of your family ancestry. 



We caught up with Max Blankfeld, Chief Operating Officer FamilyTreeDNA, to find out more. 

How can a DNA test help a newcomer to genealogy get started?

  • A DNA test gives a newcomer a jumpstart into their genealogical research.
  • You can discover your origins and find DNA relatives, helping you build your family tree.
  • Using a DNA test to jumpstart your genealogical research can be less expensive and less time consuming than starting with the traditional tools.


Can you briefly explain the different types of test and what they can offer the family historian?

About the Family Finder test:

With Family Finder, our Autosomal DNA test, you can discover the percentage breakdown of your origins, learn your connection with ancient groups, and discover DNA relatives. 

Grow that family tree!

The Family Finder test allows you to match with relatives as distant as fifth cousins (ie with whom you might share a great-great-great-great-grandparent).


About the Y-DNA test:

With Y-DNA, discover your heritage on your paternal line and follow the migration paths of your male ancestors. 

Our male-specific Y-DNA tests check for specific markers on the Y chromosome.

We offer a range of Y-DNA tests including Y37, Y67, Y111, and Big Y-500. 

Thinking of taking a Y-DNA test? Check out the 10,000 plus Y-DNA surname projects here.



About the mtDNA test:

With mtDNA, discover your heritage on your maternal line and follow the migration paths of your female ancestors.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed down almost unchanged from a mother to her children, allowing you to trace your maternal ancestry with our mtDNA Plus and mtFull Sequence tests.


How does it feel to be part of the brand new Family Tree Live event?

We are very excited. FamilyTreeDNA is proud to sponsor the DNA Hub of Family Tree Live in its efforts to help people discover more about their family history.


What can visitors expect from the FamilyTreeDNA stand at Family Tree Live?

  • Visitors to our stand can expect to find people that are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to DNA tests, namely the Family Finder, Y-DNA, and mtDNA that we offer at FamilyTreeDNA.
  • As the pioneers of the direct-to-consumer DNA testing industry and as the only company that offers this full suite of DNA tests, visitors can rest assured that they will get the best experience with FamilyTreeDNA.
  • Visitors can also purchase kits at our stand and save money with our event discount.


What will visitors be able to discover and learn at the FamilyTreeDNA lecture theatre at Family Tree Live?

We will have a series of lectures organised by the International Society of Genetic Genealogy addressing different aspects of DNA testing.

Lectures will include topics about the different tests that we offer and – importantly - how to read results.

The lectures will be for people at all levels from beginning to advanced.


At Family Tree Live, Family Tree DNA will be selling the full suite of tests so be sure to stop by their stand and explore the DNA Hub.


To book your tickets to this fabulous two-day family history event, click here