Introducing FamilyTreeDNA Discover™


19 July 2022
Are you related to a president, astronaut, pilgrim, royalty, or an ancient Egyptian mummy? Discover more about your surname line!

FamilyTreeDNA, a pioneer of the genetic genealogy testing industry with over 20 years of direct-to-consumer testing, is taking paternal line DNA testing to a whole new level. We have just introduced a new platform with a plethora of features based on the latest research.

DNA testing should be fun and simple. Anyone should be able to take a simple saliva test and learn interesting facts about their family history! This is where the new FamilyTreeDNA Discover site comes in!

Discover reveals fun facts and relationships through the magic of the Y chromosome.

Discover reveals fun facts and relationships through the magic of the Y chromosome

What’s so special about the Y chromosome and what can it do for me?

The Y chromosome offers a unique look into your direct paternal line ancestry. Since surnames are commonly inherited from father to son just like the Y chromosome, you can test your Y-DNA to discover more about your surname history than you can from a regular ancestry test. (The common ancestry DNA tests today only include limited Y chromosome data, if at all!)

Since the Y chromosome remains intact throughout generations, we can take DNA from anyone who is a genetic male and place it on a large family tree that connects all tested male human lineages of the world. (If you are a genetic female, you can test your brother, father, or uncle!)

Family Tree DNA now has well over 50,000 branches on this great Y-DNA Tree of Humanity. Every month, about 1,000 more branches are added.

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So, what can I learn?

Family Tree DNA's new Discover reports make it easier for you to explore your surname line. Learn where your father’s line came from and find interesting connections to other families, notable people, and even ancient connections with archaeological remains from all over the world!

The reports are based on the largest and most comprehensive Y-DNA database with hundreds of thousands of customers from all over the world. Plus, thousands of diverse and interesting samples from academic studies of living individuals, as well as thousands of ancient individuals from archaeological excavations. 

The Family Tree DNA genealogy team has also researched many notable connections that you can match, including famous:

  • presidents
  • royals
  • astronauts
  • pilgrims
  • actors
  • authors
  • activists
  • scientists
  • clans & houses
  • adventurers
  • sports legends
  • military leaders
  • outlaws
  • mummies

If you have already determined your Y-DNA haplogroup through testing with FamilyTreeDNA or another company, here is what you can learn:

Your Haplogroup Story

When did your paternal ancestor live and where are his descendants found today? Explore Family Tree DNA's new Map to see where your haplogroup is more common!


Notable Connections

Are you more closely related to Einstein or Abraham LincolnBabe Ruth or J.R.R. Tolkien? Nelson Mandela or Jesse JamesRamesses III or Copernicus? Family Tree DNA's genealogy team has researched and discovered many interesting connections that they are excited to share! Make sure to check back to see when additional connections are added.


New Migration Map

See the migration path of your paternal line across the world, from Y-Adam to you! This new map, based on the latest findings, spans hundreds of thousands of years of human history.

Ancient Connections

Are you connected to Ötzi the Iceman or a Viking? Maybe a GladiatorCrusader, or an Ancient Roman? What about a prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer? Family Tree DNA have analyzed the DNA of remains from archaeological sites around the world, and included them here to compare with your Y ancestral line.

Suggested DNA Projects

There are thousands of Group Projects that you can join, related to different SurnamesGeographical Regions, and Haplogroups. Find out which ones may be relevant for you!

Scientific Details

Learn more about the science behind your report. Family Tree DNA also have some upcoming new advanced tools for this section!

Dig up your Y-DNA Haplogroup and visit the FamilyTreeDNA Discover site today for FREE!

How do I start?

If you have not tested your Y-DNA yet but are interested in learning more about your surname line, there is no better place to start your journey than at FamilyTreeDNA – the oldest and most experienced DNA testing company with the most comprehensive set of genealogy tests in the world. The Big Y test will provide your most specific Y-DNA haplogroup on the largest tree, and you will receive continuous updates at no extra cost, for life!

Despite not having a Y chromosome, women can also learn about their paternal line history! Y-DNA is required to take the test, but the information received applies to all family members. Get your brother, father, uncle, or cousin to test and discover more about your story.

Get the most out of your Y-DNA test with FamilyTreeDNA Discover! To get started, visit the Family Tree DNA website to learn about what tests we offer.

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