How (& why) to link your online tree to your DNA test results


07 July 2022
Linking your online tree to your DNA test results is quick to do, but ... have you done it? If not read on to discover just a few of the many benefits.

Here are three great reasons provided by DNA detective Michelle Leonard to link your online tree to your DNA test results:

1. It will help you and your matches work out how you may be related to one another.

2. If a fellow researcher sees 'no tree' they may think that you're not that into family history (how wrong they would be!) and so may decide not to contact you.

3. Once your online tree is linked to your DNA test results, the algorithms can get to work on the information and provide you with benefits such as 'Common Ancestor Hints' and 'ThruLines' and flagging up surnames that appear in your online tree and those of your matches too.

Understanding how to link your online tree to your DNA test results is just one of the things taught on the DNA Bootcamp by DNA detective Michelle Leonard.

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About the DNA Bootcamp

The DNA Bootcamp is an online 8-week DNA course for family historians tutored by Michelle Leonard and hosted by Family Tree. To find out more, get the dates in your diary, and to sign up for your place, click here. (Prices from £55 to £90).

PS Get the Workbook & Join the Group

When you book on the DNA Bootcamp starting 28 September you will also receive:

  • a digital copy of the 52 page DNA Workbook - packed with tips and tasks
  • & an invitation to join an exclusive DNA Facebook group that will run for the duration of the course

Any questions about the DNA Bootcamp, please email [email protected]

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