Guide to the FamilyTreeDNA test


29 April 2021
Is the FamilyTreeDNA test right for me? Read on to find out what this DNA kit offers for family history.

What are the benefits of FamilyTreeDNA test? What does it offer that other tests don't? 

Autosomal DNA tests are the most useful for doing your family history and discovering unknown parentage, making the FamilyTreeDNA test a good choice. But is it right for you?

Read on for five of their top benefits:

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1. The worlds most comprehensive DNA matching database

FamilyTreeDNA boast the most comprehensive DNA matching database in the world, for autosomal DNA, Y-DNA and mtDNA. The chromosome browser is a feature of the Family Finder autosomal DNA test; it is a tool allows you to view and compare the DNA segments that you share with your Family Finder matches.

On the Shared DNA Segments page, the Chromosome View tab gives you a visual view of you and your selected matches’ shared DNA segments per each chromosome. You can hover your cursor over a segment for more information. Find out more about comparing matches here.

2. Simple cheek swab test method

Simply swab the inside of your cheeks with the snap-off swab, sent off in the pre-paid envelope and get your results back within 4-8 weeks. Whilst you wait, here's what else you can do to prepare for receiving your results.

3. Three different DNA tests available

As well as their Y-DNA (paternal ancestry), Family Finder (male and female) and mtDNA (maternal ancestry), FTDNA offer the Tovana Health Report with Family Finder, encompassing 1,000 health categories and conditions. 

4. Explore 60+ populations

Map your ethnic and geographic background with myOrigins, a visual mapping tool that provides a detailed ethnic and geographic breakdown of where your ancestors came from. A heat map reflects your personal genetic ancestry, and may also reveal related population clusters that mixed with others in ancient times.

To go back even further, Ancient Origins reveals the amount of autosomal DNA you still carry of the ancient European groups: Neolithic Hunter/Gatherers, Early Farmers and Bronze-age Metal Invaders.

5. Exclusive Family Matching system

The Family Finder test also offers an exclusive family matching system that enables users to view, sort and compare DNA matches by parental lines.

The feature allows you to identify your confirmed maternal and paternal DNA matches in the world’s most comprehensive DNA matching database. For more on the test, visit Family Tree DNA

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