DNA tests for ancestry: summer 2021 updates


10 June 2021
DNA expert Karen Evans takes a look at the latest updates DNA test users can use, to get the most from DNA results.

There have been quite a few changes in the world of DNA over the past few months and the below developments could really help with your DNA discoveries.


Ancestry DNA

There has been a steady roll out of the 'new look' layout on the matches page at Ancestry. I'm loving how easily I can now see my notes and they have added a way to add lots of matches to a group in one go. If you haven't started clustering your matches this is a great tool.


At MyHeritage you can now compare your Genetic Groups to those of your DNA matches. In 2020, MyHeritage introduced Genetic Groups - 2,114 geographic regions created within their 42 ethnicities.

Previously, I was able to view the Ethnicity Estimates of my DNA Matches and see which ethnicities we shared. Now I'll also be able to see which Genetic Groups they belong to, and the ones we have in common. 

Living DNA

Many people were struggling to find messages in LivingDNA. They were excellent at sending an e-mail to say you'd received a message but, especially if you had more than one profile on your account, it was difficult to find it.

Not now! When you click on the 'relatives' tab on the left-hand side there is now a tab near the top of the screen which says 'messaging centre'. You will find all the communications in one place for the chosen profile and you'll need to change to each profile on the site to see all your communications.

Karen Evans is a former primary school teacher who has been tracing her family history since 1983. DNA testing is her current passion but in her spare time, she loves dressing and dancing in the Regency period.

Article adapted from the DNA Workshop in the July 2021 issue of Family Tree magazine. Get your copy here