Consanguinity relationship chart - How much DNA do you share with your ancestors?


03 November 2017
Find out how much of your DNA you share with your relatives and ancestors with this consanguinity relationship chart.

Genealogist John Tierney created the chart to help explain the average amount of DNA that you and your ancestors have in common.

John explains: 'Shared DNA is not an exact measure of “relatedness” as it falls in the traditional family tree. Due to the random magic of recombination, there is actually a range for how much DNA actually gets passed on from one’s ancestors.

For example, while on average one inherits about 50 percent of each parent’s DNA, the actual amount can be somewhat greater or lesser. As you can imagine – apply that inheritance wiggle room to a 4 or 5 generations between yourself and your match on 23andme and the number can vary quite a bit.'

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