An Unknown Lineage Found For James Webb and Edwin Hubble


04 October 2022
FamilyTree DNA report on an unknown lineage mystery.

Who are James Webb and Edwin Hubble?

The most recent photo sent back from the Webb Space Telescope is of the Tarantula Nebula

Have you seen the amazing images sent from the Webb Space Telescope? On July 12, 2022, the first high-resolution image was received back on earth, and since then Webb has sent back images unlocking the universe’s mysteries. Most recently on Sept 6th, 2022, Webb sent pictures from the Tarantula Nebula uncovering new answers about how stars are born. 

According to NASA, the Webb Telescope is the successor to the Hubble Telescope. “Webb is not a replacement for Hubble; its capabilities are not identical. Webb will primarily look at the Universe in the infrared, while Hubble studies it primarily at optical and ultraviolet wavelengths.”

Both telescopes were named for men  who influenced the way we understand the cosmos. Edwin Hubble challenged then held beliefs about the Milky Way and our universe. He asserted that multiple galaxies existed, a now widely accepted concept. James Webb, upon his appointment as administrator of NASA, was able to take the scattered research centers and organize NASA into a coordinated organization.

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How are James Webb and Edwin Hubble connected?

FamilyTreeDNA, through our new Discover™ beta tool, uncovered a connection between Webb and Hubble. They share a paternal line ancestor. We know Webb’s haplogroup is R-BY19206. By entering his haplogroup, R-BY19206, on the Discover page we can view information about his Y-DNA story. How can you find Webb’s haplogroup? Who are his ancient DNA connections, and who are his notable connections? With FamilyTreeDNA Discover, all of those questions can be answered. Under Notable Connections, you can see that Edwin Hubble is shown as a connection to James Webb. By clicking on Edwin Hubble, we can read more about his connection to James Webb. Webb and Hubble share a common paternal line ancestor about 4,600 years ago. He most likely lived somewhere in either France or Spain.

Who can you connect with? 

Are you related to either Hubble or Webb? Who are you related to? What is your haplogroup story? Answer these questions and discover your story today. If you already know your Y-DNA haplogroup, you can enter it into FamilyTreeDNA Discover. If you’re looking for your most refined Y-DNA Haplogroup, consider purchasing a Big Y-700 test

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Correction: Previously the article said the MRCA lived in England or Ireland. The MRCA would’ve actually lived in France or Spain. The article has been corrected to reflect this.

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