How To Tackle Ethical Dilemmas For Genealogy


13 October 2019
Dr Penny Walters presents a fascinating insight into the kinds of ethical dilemmas that may arise in your family history research and the different ways you can deal with them in this engaging video course

Video presentations

Discover the relationship between ethics and genealogy and what you can do when presented with difficult decisions in your research, including issues surrounding adoption, DNA testing and online trees.

Real life examples

Dr Penny Walters presents thought-provoking examples of ethical dilemma scenarios across the world of genealogy in her presentation, which is followed by two group discussions.

Bonus content

We have two downloads to help you explore this topic further: you'll find the course slides for easy reference PLUS 'Tackling ethical dilemmas in genealogy' by Dr Penny Walters, published in Family Tree magazine.


The full course costs just £7.99. You can take as long as you like to complete it, from the comfort of your own home.