How To Search For Your Ancestors If You Are Adopted – including using DNA to find your roots


13 October 2019
Get expert advice from Dr Penny Walters, who was herself adopted as a baby, on how to research your biological family tree if you are adopted or have a relative who was adopted

Video guide

Understand adoption issues, discover the key records (and how you access them) and learn all about using genetic genealogy to trace your roots; collaborate with distant cousins and compile a biological family tree going back generations.

Learn from an expert

Genealogist and adoptee Dr Penny Walters uses examples from her own incredible search for ancestral roots to help you learn how to combine traditional and DNA research in your family history quest.

Bonus content

We have two downloads to help you explore this topic further: you'll find the course slides for easy reference PLUS 'Adoption' by Dr Penny Walters, an article packed with tips and originally published in Family Tree magazine.


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