Queenstown or Bechaunaland volunteers

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Postby debra » Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:33 am

Hello, on my grandfather Frederick Albert Smith's Australia Attestation papers aged 45 years and 5 months 1915 (he was born in Winchester England) it is written Queenstown Volunteers SA 2 years 5 months where it asks if he has served in any other of his majesty's forces. Now I am not sure where to look for any records as I don't know if it actually was the Queenstown volunteers or maybe Bechaunaland rifles as there is a F Smith no 134 in the Bechaunaland. I have tried to look at any lists available online but not sure what troops were volunteers and I am trying to narrow it down to what volunteer troops were in Queenstown before I attempt going to NAA.

I know that some of these troops were made up of local british men in South Africa and Fred may have moved there with his family but I cannot find any information apart from the attestation papers of Fred outside of Australia so I am trying to track him via his Boer War records if any exist. If anybody could advise me on the above I would be eternally greatfull.
Thanks Deb

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